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Watec first started as a product development company by a few engineers in 1987 when most of the
cameras were still expensive and bulky adopting the image pick-up tube system. It is obvious that CCD
camera is widely prevalent all over the world today; however, it is not much known that Watec is the
first company succeeded to develop, massproduce and commercialize miniature CCD cameras to the
market by combining CCD sensor with our unique circuit design.
Nowadays, Watec develops, manufactures, and sells CCD cameras and the peripheral devices to the
customers all over the world, and we are proud of being the presence of attention and trust of the
market as a pioneer in a miniature camera field while striving continuously to improve our product to
have higher sensitivity and reduced size.
  With information on the latest market trends and technical requirements, Watec’s engineers create
unique product concepts based on a strong cross domain foundation build from sound engineering,
materials, environmental, and other diverse knowledge in the sciences. In order to realize products
from these concepts, the engineers take full responsibility from start to finish of product development
for each of the production they handle. This discipline of the engineers what has brought exceptional
market recognition in quality and reliability of Watec products.
  Watec CCD cameras are favorably used in markets around the world to say nothing of our own home
market. Our customers are not only private undertakings, but also governmental and district
organizations, and our market has now extended from general security and surveillance to industrial
applications which require image processing. The application and usage of Watec cameras are growing
by the day.
Watec cameras which are of high quality with technical reliability are, for instance, used in outer
space, in subtropical areas, dry and cold regions around the world and even in various modes of
transport such as elevators, buses, ships and trains.
Watec offers a speedy service and technical support system throughout our distribution network.
We have our own sales offices in Taiwan as well as in New York (U.S.A.). Simultaneously we make it
a sales policy to nurture mutual prosperity with our customers, creating a good business partnership
and encouraging consultation by way of routine correspondence. In addition, we are seeking to accommodate products customized according to the requirements of our customers in a wide range of
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